History / Mission & Vision


Babdad is a building and road Construction Company based in Tehran, Iran, the corporation has been operating since October 2002. Babdad is also one of the first companies to bring the modern façade, door and window systems to Iran. Since establishment of the company, we have been working with some of the best European companies and became one of the biggest and well-known companies in field of façade engineering in Iran.

In terms of business, Babdad has become a major supplier for other façade engineering companies beside designing and operating different kinds of construction projects. Until this day, we have tried to leave the best impact on all kind of projects we have been into and have succeeded in building a perfect resume.

Our success is driven by our team and their commitment to get results the right way, by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.


 Company Roots

We trace our beginnings to year 1982 when a construction company called Sekooh Co. founded in Tabriz, Iran, and since then has participated in many of the construction projects in north-west of Iran. After nearly 20 years, some of the shareholders decided to establish another company in Tehran, which is the biggest city and capital of Iran and consequently has more business opportunities.

At the beginning, Babdad Co. started as a small company located at Vanak district of Tehran. Due to needs of the construction market in Iran, we communicated with some European aluminum production and façade engineering companies and became their representative office in Iran along with doing other construction businesses we have been doing. With pioneering, modern system solutions for windows, doors and façades, the company makes an important contribution to Iran’s construction market in terms of energy-efficient technologies. Today we have a very strong and reliable relationship with those companies, which has strengthened Babdad’s position as one of the main producers and suppliers of modern façade, door and window systems.



Corporate Values

Innovation, partnership, excellence and responsibility define the success of Babdad. We always try to open up new business and technological horizons by innovating in all of the fields we involve. Babdad achieves excellence under the umbrella of a strong brand through certified quality and design.

Our corporate strategy is based on the integration of the so-called triple bottom line: people (social commitment), planet (care for the environment) and profit (customer efficiency & profitability). The integration of these three principles can lead to true organizational sustainability.



It is the mission of Babdad to provide excellence in the delivery of all projects that we are involved in. From road to building, no matter how large or small our part is we will go beyond our client’s expectation. Each project will be customized to meet the client and its scope, length, depth, reach, and cost.

Our goal is to increase the value of buildings and to enhance the living and working environment of people.



Babdad’s vision is to create sustainable building envelopes, which focus on people and their needs in harmony with nature and technology. The highest demands for design, comfort and security can be met, whilst simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions through energy efficiency, thereby conserving natural resources. The company delivers tailored sustainable products for new builds and renovations, designed to meet individual user needs in all conditions.

Finally, Babdad mostly works with one of the greenest materials available, aluminum. It is not only strong & light and very durable, but also 100% recyclable. The company is at the forefront of progress using light and modern aluminum.


Business activities for the company are in road and building construction, residential buildings and renovation projects in particular.

Detailed activities of the business are as follows:

- General construction

- Construction services

- Manufacturing of construction materials and tools

- Installation services

- Residential construction

- Non-residential construction

- Site preparation

- Building completion services

- Building structure services


Babdad is also a leading specialist in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminum solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories. Driven by energy-efficiency and the willingness to take responsibility for the environment.

Other than a wide range of standard solutions, we also develop tailor-made solutions for all market sectors – from residential to commercial and industrial projects. Our high-quality systems all meet the most stringent demands in terms of comfort, security, architectural design, and energy-efficiency. Babdad is not only a supplier, but also a valuable partner for architects, fabricators, project developers, investors and end users.

At Babdad we care for the people and our community. Therefore, it is our first priority to provide a safe and healthy working environment. We pay special attention to accident free days and make dedicated investments to improve on-site safety.